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Refuse Collection Vehicle
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Our standards and beliefs

The team GILLARD is convinced that the permanent evolution of the environmental business sector allied to the needs of economical and successful solutions will help manufacturers to find new products .

The GILLARD company is working to revitalize waste management equipment by proposing innovative products (compared to traditional solutions).

GILLARD Company invests every year an average of 4 % of its turnover into research and development.


  • Thanks to OSEO, GILLARD has benefited from the help in the innovation and the development of the refuse collection truck " KALYPSO "
  • GILLARD was Prize-winner of the PM' UP competition ( Organized by the Regional council of Ile-de-France )
  • GILLARD, like the SYNERGIL group companies , has deposited 8 Patents and 1 design patent with INPI during the last 3 years.


  • GILLARD increased its efforts by proposing to the market a total revision of its range of compactors.
    The aim was to propose the most competitive offer with innovative technical solutions guaranteeing reliability and the best ergonomics for the operations of maintenance and emptying.

    The innovations are protected with 2 patents .

    The aim for GILLARD is to be the main leader in compactors in France, and to export towards the nearby countries thanks to an original product.


  • A Strong investments policy provide an adequate infrastructures to assist our objectives.


  • The main objectives are:
    • Launched on the market of the range of PAKTOR I3 Stationary compactors ( Patented Equipment), radically innovative equipment constituting a high potential of development for GILLARD Company .
    • leaning on 3 Innovative and patented products:
      • Mini refuse collection truck " Kalypso "
      • Stationary compactor " PAKTOR I.3 "
      • Monoblock compactor " PAKTOR V1 "
      A special export sales representative will be dedicated by GILLARD to develop sole agents network in Europe.
    • Henceforward , having products, staff and ideal infrastructures, Year 2012 will be partially dedicated to the optimization and the improvement of the quality

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